AFCNA Has Layaway!

Again leading the way by making it easier and more economical for our shareholders to profit from resale of end products, we are happy to announce our new Layaway Plan.  This program offers shareholders an opportunity to benefit from specials and sales that may occur at a time when they are short of cash, or to help them manage their budget and develop an inventory of America’s Alpaca products that can stock a small farm store or fill a customized Trunk Showcase.
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Group 3 Ideas

Communication – too much or too little


Lack of communication from the Board to members used to be one of the top complaints for many years.  Apparently we overcompensated because now we are starting to hear we are sending you too much!  Obviously, we need to find the sweet “just right” spot.

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Want to know how to make the most money for your farm?

You are an AFCNA shareholder.  How can you use the co-op to make the most money from your fiber for your farm?  Get involved!  Beyond sending in your annual fiber contribution, get involved in selling the products AFCNA makes from your fiber. The more of us that sell our AFCNA co-op products, the better for all of us.
There is definitely more profit for you if you sell products made from AFCNA fiber.  “How can I do that,” you say, “I don’t have a store.”  Maybe you can’t be tied down to a brick and mortar store or your covenants don’t permit one.

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2nd Batch of Answers to Your Questions!

Credit terms.  Cash is King


In 2012, AFCNA lost substantial income due to a customer who took delivery of a large amount of fiber and then ultimately did not pay for it.  And because of this previous very unpleasant experience, we are once burned twice shy!  We rarely sell on payment terms – nearly all of our sales are paid by credit card.  However, there are certain advantages to payment terms such as not having to give up a percentage of the sale to the bank as a credit card fee.  Credit card processing fees can be significant on large orders.  So we don’t refuse to give net 30 terms but we are extremely cautious.

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AOA National Fleece Conference

AFCNA at AOA National Fleece Conference


Judith Korff, AFCNA Board President, and Starr Cash, Business Operations Manager, will be attending the AOA National Fleece Conference  July 21 to 24 in Arlington, VA.  We will have a vendor table so please come see our wide array of member fiber products from roving to finished products and learn about our Trunk Show kits developed to help you increase your fiber income.  We hope to meet and talk with many AFCNA members and customers while we are there.
We are also offering some new ways to purchase your share of stock so more people can join our cooperative.

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Answers To All Of Your Questions!

AFCNA has 2,038 shareholders of our corporation on record.  Each shareholder is an Owner.  Each owner may only purchase 1 share.

1826 Class A

212 Class B (introduced in July 2012)


Shareholders who have retired and/or sold their shares to another farm are not included in this accounting as they are not shareholders at this time.


Shareholders with whom we have “lost contact” and no longer have a valid phone, email or mailing address on file are included. AFCNA is actively seeking our missing shareholders.

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Advance Notice – Big Sale Tomorrow!

Advance Notice – Big Sale Tomorrow!
Beginning tomorrow, July 7, 2016, we will be announcing deep discount prices on most of our Peruvian inventory.  When these items are gone, they will not be reordered, so don’t hesitate.  When they are gone, they are gone.  First come, first served!  Watch for our ad tomorrow and take advantage of this inventory reduction sale!

AFCNA Status and Member Sales Tips

AFCNA Status and Member Sales Tips
Status – As you know, AFCNA issued a request for orders last week because we faced a financial crisis.  Because of our new efficient production process we had much inventory.  At the same time, sales were down $130,000 over last year at this time. Within ten minutes after our email asking for orders, they started coming in!  Orders totaling $74,291 came in last week! These orders greatly reduced our cash flow problem.  However, we are still $55,000 behind last year. To keep our production pipeline full, we need to maintain a continuing stream of orders from here on out.  We urge everyone to continue to place orders on a regular basis.

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