Clip Call 2016

2016 Clip Call pdf

AFCNA is calling for skirted or unskirted fiber that is Grade 5 or finer (32 micron or less).  All fiber must be between 2″ and 6″ in staple length.alpaca draft

Depending upon each alpaca’s unique fiber characteristics, acceptable fiber may come from the blanket, britch, leg or neck areas (Firsts or Seconds).  These are the areas colored green and blue in this drawing.


E to J are reasons all or portions of your fleece was not accepted for credit

1) Too Much variation and/or second cuts present.

2)  Excessive guard hair. Cannot be used in any AFCNA product.

3) Excessive breaks within staples / locks, rotten or severely tender fleece.

4) Micron range beyond grade five. No Credit.

5) Scattered vegetation throughout. Unable to process.

6) Parasite infestation upon opening bag.  Must be destroyed


AFCNA cannot give members contribution credit for fiber which does not conform to the Clip Call.  We do not return No Credit fiber to the member.

Please note that AFCNA is not calling for grade 6 or 7 fiber (> 32 micron) in 2016.  

Every bag of fiber must have a 2016 Clip Supplier form  enclosed.  Please fill out the top section completely.  This is how we know it’s from you!

Credit or No Credit for your fiber contribution AFCNA graders open every bag and spread the fiber out on grading tables.  If needed it will be skirted and then assigned a grade it can be used for.  Typically a single bag of fleece may be graded into multiple grades.

Please note that AFCNA is happy to collect unskirted fiber contributions.  However, members who choose to send unskirted fiber will likely show a higher percentage of their contribution graded into higher grades and more into no credit than members who contribute skirted fleeces.

AVOID contaminating your fiber.  Use lots of bags!  Please keep your blankets separated from necks and upper legs to avoid contaminating your prime fleece with short cuts, excess vegetation or excessive guard hairs.  Keep your shearing floor clean between alpacas.  Please do not tumble your fleeces – tumbling unskirted fleeces mixes vegetation, short cuts or strong fibers throughout so that our graders are not able to skirt it out for you.

Our graders request that members PLEASE do not put moth balls in your bags of fiber.  Instead use Lavender scents or sachets.

Thank you for your continuing support of our cooperative.

Farmers helping farmers, it’s the cooperative way!

AFCNA Board of Directors and Staff

Judith Korff, President

Cynthia Kuhlmann, Vice-President

Cass Galloway, Treasurer

Barb Zeik, Secretary

Allison Moss-Fritch, Director

Gwen Wolff, Director

Sherry Budniak, Director

Tammy Hill, Director of Operations