Collection Coordinator

Printable pdf Coordinator instructions.


We offer FREE organized shipping through our office, picked up directly at your farm and delivered to our Sorting and Grading warehouse in Tennessee. The qualification for this free shipping is that you have at least 500 lbs. of fiber collected, which can be a combination of your own fiber and that of other farms near you.

First of all, thanks for considering being a collection point!! We appreciate all of our collectors and realize that it is a responsibility that you are taking on to help benefit all of the AFCNA Members to receive the FREE shipping. It makes it nice to have several locations to drop off fiber, and makes it more convenient for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a Fiber Collection Point, there are a few things you will need to know!!

 1.      Information about your location for collecting the fiber will be posted on our website along with your logo/banner from your farm. That gives you some recognition on our website for all of our members and others who are interested In the AFCNA.  The website conveys when and where people are to bring their fiber.  You are welcome to put out additional advertisements or emails to announce the drop off point, and we recommend that you do so within your area.

2.      You will need to have adequate space to store the fiber while collecting and packaging until the fiber is picked up.  

3.      You will need pallet/pallets and shrink wrap to secure the fiber boxes to the pallet.  You can also use pumpkin boxes or pallet boxes if you have access to those.

4.      You will need to keep a list of fiber from individuals as it comes in.  You should ask people who are bringing the fiber to write the weight on the box.  This will help you calculate the approximate shipping weight if you don’t have a pallet scale.  While making a log of the fiber received, it is nice to give the person dropping off the fiber some type of receipt for the boxes.  Even if you just use a sales book or a written receipt, you will have a record and so will the person bringing the fiber to you. When the fiber is shipped, please include a list of the fiber you received and the name of those from whom it was received.  (This will help us in tracking the fiber when someone calls to see if their fiber has been received from a collection point.)

5.      When the fiber is all collected and you have it on the pallet and shrink wrapped, you will contact the office and speak to me, Tammy Hill or Shelby Newman to get a shipment scheduled for pick up. Shipments that are not organized through the office will not be paid for by AFCNA. When you call to schedule the pickup please know the number of pallets, the total pounds of fiber and the pallet weight.  When I have this information as well as the location pick up information, then I will schedule the pickup based upon the best day for you and email you the Bill of Lading which is to be given to the driver upon pick up of the fiber. 

There is not a lot of work to collecting the fiber, and we appreciate all of our collection points!!! 

Please feel free to call me at 1-877-859-0172 if you have questions or you are interested in being put on the Fiber Collection list. 



Tammy Hill