Collection Sites

Collection Site Lists are in the process of being updated and will be posted as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please call the office if you need further assistance with locating a collection site. 1-877-859-0172

You do not have to send your fiber to a collection site.  You can ship your fiber directly to AFCNA at any time in the clip call period.  However, AFCNA encourages members to work together to help each other save money on transportation expenses.  If a group of members combine their shipments to achieve a single shipment of at least 500 pounds, AFCNA will arrange with a freight company to pick up that consolidated shipment and WILL PAY the shipping company.

Any member is encouraged to serve as a clip collector/consolidator either at their own ranch/farm or at an event such as a Show.  Please contact AFCNA to learn about the responsibilities of a Collector and to be added to our list of collection sites.

Members!  Please be mindful that collections at shows and consolidations at Ranches/Farms are the work of your fellow members (co-operators of AFCNA) serving as unpaid volunteers.  They are working to help you save money on shipping.  Please be sure that you do your part and follow instructions for how to bring your contribution to the collection!

Reminder!  In order to ensure you receive credit for your fiber contribution, One form must be in each bag 2016 Clip Supplier form.   A lot of people think it’s enough to put 1 Form in a whole box or no forms at all, just a name on the outside of the box.  Once the fiber is received at Decatur, bags of fiber will be separated by type and color for grading so PLEASE, 1 form in every bag.  (hint:  fill out 1 copy with your name and farm information and then photocopy enough to put 1 in every bag – save yourself some writing!)

Disclaimer!!  AFCNA does not take responsibility or have liability for any fiber contribution until it is received at our HQ in Decatur.  By choosing to participate in a collection/consolidation you are accepting a certain amount of risk while your fiber is pending delivery to AFCNA.  Once a shipment is picked up by our freight company, it is insured.  After a fiber shipment is received at Decatur it is insured.  But your fellow members who organize these collections do not have insurance coverage that would pay to replace your fiber, so be advised that your are assuming a certain risk by participating in a remote collection… but you are also getting free freight.

AFCNA recommends that all Collection Organizers issue a receipt or keep a log sheet to record each members’ contribution by number of boxes (or bags) dropped off.