Fiber Collection & Clip Care Manual

Every year our members shear thousands of pounds of fiber from their alpaca herds. By agreement, a portion of that fiber should be sent to AFCNA. All fiber contributions are graded and sorted and your member accounts are credited based on the quantity and quality of fiber you send. Patronage refunds (dividends) are apportioned based on those contributions.

As members, you can increase the value of your fiber contributions to the Coop and maximize the return on investment for yourselves and the entire AFCNA membership by:

  • Practicing good husbandry–nutrition and fleece cleanliness on the animal improve fleece quality off the animal
  • Using proper methods for shearing, skirting and storing fiber
  • Properly packaging, correctly labeling, and promptly shipping fiber to the AFCNA collection point and in a manner that insure your fiber retains its maximum value and is properly credited to your account


Each member, the grading facility, and AFCNA all share responsibilities in getting our alpaca fiber from the animal and into processing. These include:

AFCNA Members

  • Shearing (electrically or manually)
  • Skirting fleeces to remove debris and low quality fiber (optional)
  • Sorting fiber by breed (suri, huacaya) and quality (prime, seconds)
  • Recording total weights by color category and breed
  • Boxing and correctly labeling the fiber
  • Shipping fiber boxes to the AFCNA Grading Facility each year

Grading Facility

This year we are bringing our sorting and grading in-house. The grading facility’s responsibilities include:

  • Grading fiber by fineness, length, and medullation
  • Weighing each member’s fiber by grade, breed and color
  • Recording each member’s contribution for AFCNA
  • Baling, storing and preparing fiber bales for transport for processing


  • Oversight and supervision of the grading
  • On-site verification for all data entry and record keeping activities for both member accounting and AFCNA business accounting
  • In January, generate members’ Fiber Contribution Report and members’ Financial Report showing the status of their equity account

Printable manual click below

Fiber Clip and Care Manual