Fiber Shipping At A Glance

Separate Firsts and Seconds in individual bags per animal. Place the downloadable Clip Supplier form in each and every bag so you get credit for your contribution (Please fill out each sheet as completely as possible so we can verify all of your information in our database). We would prefer all fiber be placed in clear liners so that we can inspect each bag for any infestations that may have made it in to the fiber. Any infestations will result in an immediate disposal of that particular bag of fiber at which point it will be documented and reported to you.

Remove as much air from each bag before placing in a box, air in a box costs money in shipping due to box size, so more weight in each box actually saves in shipping.

Multi-box shipments, mark each box with your member number and box number, IE. Box 1 of 4 etc., this can save on lost shipments; we have had delivery services lose a box in transportation from time to time.

Large shipments and Fiber Drop-offs: Shrink wrap your entire load on to the pallet, making sure that the shrink wrap goes all the way down to and on the pallet edges to the entire load can and will slide off the pallet in transit. Once you have the amount of pallets and total weight call in to AFCNA for pick up scheduling. Please have the name, address, phone number, and email address of the responsible party ready so they may receive all necessary documents for shipping.

For all shipments Large or Small, contact us first as we may be able to save you in shipping due to the fact that we get better rates from our volume shipping.


Thank you from Shipping & Receiving, and Sorting & Grading

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