Joining AFCNA

Joining the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative

We welcome all North American alpaca owners to join AFCNA. To join you must be an alpaca producer and purchase a share of common stock. We ask that you also commit to send to the Coop a portion of your yearly fiber clip to capitalize the Coop and provide us with fiber to work with. This will entitle you to the benefits of AFCNA membership and help us grow the exciting alpaca fiber industry!

Membership Benefits


At all member levels, AFCNA offers at no charge to the members, professional sorting and grading. You only need have your animals sheared, separate first and seconds, place contribution form in to each bag, and ship them to us. Just that easy, no muss, no fuss.

As a Class A member you will enjoy a 45% wholesale discount on all products offered on to include all products made with North American AFCNA Alpaca fiber in North America, and all Peruvian products. We have an exciting lineup of products that are sure to be great sellers in your farm store, sold at your local trade show, or flea market. You will also receive a payout on the usable fiber you have contributed as profits are realized. As a class A member we only require the membership amount and 20 pounds, minimum, of usable fiber annually, more is better so we can continue to produce the amazing product lines. As a full member you are 1 Share owner in the Co-op along with all members who have only 1 share each. This is partly your business upon joining and gives you the ability to be a part of a large family of support in the Alpaca community.

As a Class B member it is simply a 1 dollar one time amount. You will send in your fiber in and receive a payout according to the usable amounts contributed as profits are realized. There are no product discounts at this level.

To become a Wholesale, non fiber contributor, there is a first time minimum order of $500.00 with a 40% product discount, then each order after requires a minimum orders of $250.00 with a 40% product discount.

Please see also the brief membership benefits page here,

Features/Benefits of AFCNA Membership



 Steps to complete your membership

    1. 1. Read over Bylaws.
    2. 2. Fill in the information on the Class A or Class B Membership forms.
    3. 3. Print 2 copies of the Membership form and Bylaws  Mail or fax a signed copy to AFCNA and keep one for your records.
    4. 4. Fill out a W-9 and mail or fax with your Membership and Marketing Agreement. You must submit a W-9 before you will receive your stock certificate.
    5. 5. You may pay with paypal or include check made payable to AFCNA  along with the Membership and Marketing agreement and W-9 to the address below:
17494 State Hwy 58 N
Decatur, TN 37322

All five steps must be completed!


We are now offering 2 classes of members.

Class A – Membership Agreement – $250

Become a Class A Membership

AFCNA Bylaws for Class A

Class B – Membership Agreement – $1

Become a Class B Membership

Member benefits of Class A and Class B

Member Requirements

  • Be an alpaca producer (a herd of two qualifies)
  • Purchase one share of stock in the AFCNA.
  • Become familiar with the AFCNA Bylaws and the Membership and Marketing Agreement



Fax (423) 334-4260

     You will receive a member packet with your Stock Certificate in the mail.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact:

Tammy Hill or Teresa McDowell
phone: 1-877-859-0172