NAA License Agreement

The North American Alpaca logo is a Registered Trademark of the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA).

The purpose of the Mark is to identify for consumers those goods that are made using North American raised alpaca fiber and that are of a certain quality.

The right to use the Mark on qualifying products on or in relation to goods by a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or any other party who desires use of the Mark on or in relation to goods may be obtained under a NAA Trademark license agreement from AFCNA.  Any products from a licensee bearing the NAA trademark must comply with the North American Alpaca trademark standards for fiber source and quality.

AFCNA members who wish to use the NAA mark on qualified fiber products must sign a License Agreement but the Royalty fees will be waived for Class A shareholders.

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